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About SOLA

Shenzhen BOKE Intelligent Technologies, Co., Ltd is a comprehensive Hi-tech enterprise specialized in researching, producing and selling science and technology products. Boke company, established in 2006 with 50,000,000 of register capital, develops and distributes products of smart home IOT industry chain cooperating with SOLA Technology Inc., invested heavily to build SOLA Home IOT.

Sola Technology Inc. established in 2005, is a Sino-US joint venture headquartered in silicon valley, California, US with a strong researching team of more than 100 people by now. It is a company that specialized in IOT Industrial chain, a high-tech company engaged in design, R & D, production and sales . In China, product development and application has covered wisdom city, intelligent community management, building, housing, security monitoring, video intercom, elevator, doors and windows, lighting, home appliances, kitchen appliances, sanitary appliances, furniture, new media, energy management, shading, fire protection, GPS satellite positioning, health online services, security warning, intelligent commercial zone, wireless Wifi and other industry chain with cloud technology.

In Shenzhen, China, there is a flagship house of Sola Home IOT which is the largest experience museum of smart home IOT in China so far. SOLA has a R & D team that made of a group of high-quality and highly educated Engineer in China, has a number of patents and independent intellectual property rights, leading the innovation of intelligent home industry.

Sola insists on the development and operation concept of advanced technology, easy to use, affordable price, safe, environmental, and energy-saving. The launched Sola systems break the global technology and price monopolization. It caused great concern and popularization the industry with its excellent design and good price.

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